Hello! My name is Aubrey and I run Glider Girls Toy Shop on Etsy. I have 4 Sugar Gliders (Lulu, Echo, Peach, and Gizzy). If you have any questions about Sugar Gliders or anything else please ask!
Is it possible to change the place where the gliders eat? I want to place their bowls and where they eat on the top shelf, will they still eat?

Yes! It could actually be fun for them to hunt down where their food is.

Just make sure they are still eating in the end :)

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Are sugar gliders happier in a group of 3? Or more? Or is two okay?

Two is okay. 

Gliders usually feel like the more the merrier (as long as they are housed properly)

But it always depends on the gliders. They need proper introductions and if you notice fighting they should be separated. Some people just don’t get along. Ask Julia Starcher

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I get an old thin belt, dip it in apple sauce and put it through the bars = hour of licking, climbing fun! What do you think?

Ummmm. Points for creative idea.

I guess I would need to see the belt. I assume leather type material but you need to be careful of threads and nails getting caught. And of course the belt would get ruined (which is why you said old lol).

I would also want to consider if the belt is dirty or something because they will be licking and biting it.

A great alternative would be branches from eucproducts.com

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Letting your animals get this obese is ANIMAL ABUSE. A little chunky is fine (it’s not good either though), but this is unacceptable. The women who surrendered him said “he ate when I ate.” Not only was he over fed, but he wasn’t fed the proper diet. A chihuahua should not be 30 pounds.

This dog can hardly carry his weight, he cries when you move his legs because his joints hurt. And as you can see his nails are almost TWO INCHES long, making it even harder to walk. Animal abuse comes in many forms.

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ma’am i swear there is no animal in my shirt


ma’am i swear there is no animal in my shirt

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Enjoying some watermelon! (and making a mess)


Enjoying some watermelon! (and making a mess)

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this is good boost this shit


this is good boost this shit

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Why let people play with your hair when you could let sugar gliders play with your hair?

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Ben 💗

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He loves heads….is that normal like he tried to groom all of us

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Glider Girls Toy Shop currently has 10 open orders with an average of two toys per order. 

Which is AMAZING! But I feel bad making people wait up to two weeks for their order.

I also need to make all new toys for this Doctor Who set for my personal gliders’ cage!

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BEWARE-Panhandle Exotics

Panhandle Exotics has recently made it on my personal blacklist and I hope to convince others to do the same.

They came to my attention after someone posted their ad for a raffle they have on Facebook. For $1 you could win a hedgehog. Not only do many people (including myself) think that is is horrible to give away animals as prizes. But it is also illegal in Florida.

When this was brought up in the glider community the owner (I think) Christopher attacked many reputable owners and conducted himself is a horrible manner.

Their website suggests unsafe supplies for gliders and push a pellet diet with dehydrated fruits.

They claim to provide lineage after purchase but do not sell gliders with breeding rights. Which is odd. After messaging them asking about their lineage they blocked me from their Facebook page. Also odd.

Their last USDA inspection was about a year ago and it looks like they passed. 

If you would like to keep updated their USDA Customer Number is 328502

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Extreme Warning! Sugar Glider Scammer

Tiny Toes Sugar Gliders/  Lori Hoffman Homer

Lori Homer has been known in the community for a while now. I have heard that she is back and I want to make sure her name gets out. 

You can read her horrible reviews on Sugar Glider Help.

Here are some first hand stories about people she scammed.

She is a notorious scammer. Her list includes:

  • several joeys paid for and never sent
  • faking lineage on gliders
  • flipping gliders
  • collecting donations claiming to be a rescue
  • scamming someone who thought they were purchasing a service dog
  • scamming tons of people out of thousands of dollars

Here is the most recent story of how someone thought they were getting a service dog from Lori Homer:

My son is 4 years old non-verbal and Autistic. He is sweet, loving and very smart. He has tendencies of running off. A friend of mine came across Lori Homer on FB advertising a service dog that was being trained for another family but they had backed out at the last minute. The cost was $2K + shipping of the dog. This was something we could defiantly afford and would hopefully enrich our son’s life as well as our family’s. Lori knew our families history and our daily struggles. Clearly she didn’t care. We purchased the dog in mid-January 2014. The dog was supposed to be shipped to us the first weekend of February we didn’t actually receive the dog till March 5th. Lori was also to mail the paperwork for the dog because it wasn’t allowed to be shipped on the airline with the dog. I e-mailed Lori a pre-paid USPS shipping label for the paperwork. Now since the dog was being trained for another family I had a friend who is a dog trainer that could help tweak some of the training to our needs but she needed the training logs to see how she had been trained and the method Lori used to train her. Now the dog was sweet when she first arrived … she had major skin issues (so bad that she actually had bald patches on her hind legs and belly) and she smelled terribly (not something a child would want to cuddle up to)… but overall something seemed off. She didn’t consistently follow through on her basic commands of stay, sit or heel. When we walked her she would drag us down the street the word heel was foreign to her. At first I thought it was just the adjustment of being in her new home. When I contacted Lori she said the dog was just taking advantage of us not knowing how to “work her”. The commands she was supposed to have solidly down pat she didn’t … basic commands. I found it odd.

The longer story can be provided.

People have gone so far has to track her down and follow through with legal action. I have not heard updates on what has happened since.

Please avoid Lori Homer and Tiny Toes Sugar Gliders. Do not send her money through paypal or any other way.

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PSA: Sugar Gliders do not fly.
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My heart skipped a beat when i found out he went missing!!!!!! 😭😭😭Thank God my lil monster is safe!! #sugarglider


My heart skipped a beat when i found out he went missing!!!!!! 😭😭😭Thank God my lil monster is safe!! #sugarglider

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